Gamer Rant: quality

NBA 2k10 by 2k sports is one of my favorite games and game series, but playing it sometimes can be more frustrating than fun. No not because I am playing a tough opponent, but because of all the glitches. I have been playing 2k since the very first installment on the Dreamcast. It has always been buggy but each year the overall game improved. This years game is not exception. This years version add a wonderful new mode called My Player. In this mode you start as a walk on in the summer league, and go on to the D league or NBA. Think of it as a Basketball RPG. This mode is very addicting as anyone who has played it knows, but it is also very buggy. It is sometimes buggy to the point that it feels like a beta version, it has already had 2 patches to fix problems with freezing, and duplicating players to name a couple problems.

The overall feel of the game is that 2k developed it and added too much too fast and the overall quality suffered because of it. Like that old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none.” It is a great game, but it could have been and should have been a lot better. Centers shooting 3 pointers on a regular basis, passes going the opposite direction of what you selected, my player mode freezing. Problem that should not exist.

This generation of games has been a generation of patches. Games get rushed out just to get a band-aid later.  Back in the day you had one shot to release a quality game, this leads me to the question “Does having the ability to patch games hurt the initial quality?” In previous generations games just worked, now there is a patch every time you turn the game on. I applaud those companies who hold back a games release to make it better, yeah it sucks to wait but it is wonderful when that wait produces a quality game. God of War 3 please make the wait worth it!


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