How the 360 got its swag back!

XBOX 360 has come back in a big way, at least in America. Sales are up again and I have a couple of theories on why. The 360 is made by an American company, and although the XBOX is not actually made it here it is still an American company. I guess America makes cars too and that doesn’t stop people from buying foreign cars so maybe that isn’t the best theory, but don’t worry I have a couple more.The Underdog Theory

Everyone loves an underdog. Last gen the PS2 was the undisputed champion even though the XBOX had superior specs. When the next gen started they came out swinging. The launch of the 360 reminded me in a lot of ways of the launch of the highly underrated Dreamcast. Microsoft came in with the thought that they wanted to take this generation, then the Wii came out :/ and sadly ended that thought. I think Microsoft will be content winning the hardcore gaming battle and after Sony’s early arrogance towards this generation made me cheer more for 360.

Listen and Improved Theory
Remember the blades? Hate them or love them they are gone. Since all the systems have agreed that this generation will be a longer than we as gamers are used to, so improvement is important. We have already seen one big software update which made the 360 easier navigate the massive amounts of content that they serve up weekly. There are some updates that still need to made but I have my fingers crossed that a new update will be coming along after while. But by far the biggest update has been the hardware update. Tons of dead consoles later, RROD and cracked disc. Forget a Kinect, its all about the new hardware. Wi Fi, shorter sexier (yes sexier) console, quieter and more reliable finally. Thanks for listening MS ;). About time!

Last but not least Theory

Like my homie at the Geek Whisperer once said, It’s all about the games. Nuff said!

4 Responses to “How the 360 got its swag back!”

  1. 1 Gil
    September 15, 2010 at 9:54 am

    I really would like to swap out my old Elite to get one of the shiny new consoles (Reach bundle would be awesome!). Unfortunately there are a few things holding me back. First off, my Elite still works perfectly fine. I still have plenty of HDD space on my 120GB. Pretty much no point in spending money to swap out systems that pretty much do the same thing aside from the lack of internal WiFi. Secondly I am not one to sell or trade any of my gaming systems/peripherals/software etc. Once it’s mine I don’t abandon it. I’m just strange like that. Lastly I got the system as a gift from my lovely wife. It was out of the blue and she said it was for being an awesome husband. She used her allowance to boot. It was $450 at the time. That’s crazy talk! So there is a little bit of attachment to the system. Those new systems do look sexy though. If it came in Yellow and it had neon lights shining out the grills, that might just tip me over the edge 🙂

  2. September 16, 2010 at 12:47 am

    Thanks for the shout-out.

    The improved 360 is nice, but it’s not a “must buy,” especially if you already have a 360 that has had the RROD fixed.

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