capcom owes me a new controller!

Not my controller just an image I found online

Ever been playing a game and get a bit frustrated? Has that frustration ever made you throw your controller? Well that what happened to me today. What would make a grown man throw a controller you ask? Super Street Fighter 4. There are time when you get so into a game when the controller doesn’t do what you want it to do you get a little pissed. I have seen times online where I know people have thrown their controllers. One time I was watching a friend play the aforementioned game online. The person her was against was playing with Akuma. My friend picked Zangief. His opponent was probably thinking he had an easy win. Last round of the game tied up. Here comes Akuma with a death strike. He glided across the board for what seemed like a sure victory.My friend stood there as it seemed the game was over. Akuma reached out to Zangief and surprisingly Zangief reached right back to him for a super pile driver. KO……. Silence. At that moment I knew my friend had caused an innocent controller to die. I have seen this very friend get so mad that he threw his PS2 controller to the ground with all his might. Luckily the controller survived but lets just say it never rumbled the same again.

I know that many controllers have died over not functioning the way a gamer wants it to. My problem today was with the one part of the the 360 controller that keeps it from perfection. The dreaded D-Pad. Not to mention for fighting games the 360’s controller is rather large. For every game but fighting games, with the exception of Soul Caliber I would rather use a PS3 aka the ps1 v3.0 controller. But is the controller to blame? A lot of times its not the controller its the software that is not reading it’s inputs. Well I don’t think its that either. I think we are to blame for the dead controllers. We get so worked up that when the game doesn’t go the way we want it to we hurt the only thing we can. The defenseless controller.

Whatever the case may be, even though I know its my fault I blame Capcom. You hear me Capcom you owe me a new 360 white controller. I will be waiting. Chances are I will be waiting, either til I feel like buying another one or a new xbox comes out. I know I will value my red remote. I know I am not alone on this one. If you have an interesting story for me, drop it in the comment box. Until then its the Redgamer signing off. Good gaming peeps. Woooo saaaaaa

3 Responses to “capcom owes me a new controller!”

  1. September 23, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Haha!! Won’t happen with the Kinect controller!!

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