XBOX 360 under seige!!!

This morning at approximately 8 am I  woke up to the sound of my alarm. Everything seemed fine and it was looking like a normal Monday morning . Still waking up I make my way to the hallway adjacent to my den where my television and gaming devices are setup. This is where things get a little interesting I look down to find my XBOX faceplate on the ground, in the hallway approximately 10 feet away from where it should be and about 5 feet further down. What I saw next was was a pure scene of horror. On the ground completely upside down with every cord except for the power cord unplugged. Laying next to my XBOX was my 15 year old blind dog, She was completely wrapped in my plug and play charger which was once plugged into my XBOX. In fact she was so tangled that I had to cut her free from the cord. Looking at my fallen 360 I feared the worst. I picked it off the ground and proceeded to reconnect it to the television. I reattached the faceplate and and pressed the power button and hoped for the best. To my surprise It worked perfectly, well at least for now. But I know one thing is for sure, I am gonna have to keep an eye out on my PS3. I’m still not ruling out my Playstation knocking down the XBOX because I have been playing it more then planting the plug and play on my dog. I mean Playstation, It only does everything. So Sony, I have an eye on you!

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