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Bad Gamer Parents :(

Games are like interactive movies, and like movies the content in them are created for different age groups. Most parents wouldn’t allow their 12 year old to go and watch a slasher film that is rated R, but many parents buy their children games rated M (for mature). According to a survey conducted by Activision (video game publisher of the Call of Duty series among others) and posted on 82% of gamer parents are aware of ESRB ratings. For those unfamiliar with the ESRB, the ESRB is an organization that determines what age  groups  that each game is appropriate for similar to the way the Motion Picture Association of America rates movies.

With all of that said, it still amazes me the amount of parents I see purchasing M rated games for their children. It leads me to wonder if the parents just don’t know any better or if its that they just don’t care. If the survey by Activision is to be believed then I guess the answer is that some parents just don’t care. These same parents are the ones that blame video games when their children behaving violently. It is the parents responsibility to monitor the content that their children consume. I know its not an easy job with all the available resources kids now days have, but that does not mean to give up completely.  The ESRB was created to rate video games so that the content in them are appropriate for those who interact with it.  Video games are not only for children anymore, so every game isn’t for your 12 year old.

Movies that are rated R contain adult content, video games rated M also contain content that is meant for adults. It is time for parents to take responsibility for what their children play. Learn about the ESRB and find games appropriate for your child. To learn more information on the ESRB and it’s rating system, please visit Understand the content in the games, then decide whether or not it is appropriate for your child.

Do you think children under 18 should be allow access to M games?

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