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Hello ladies and gents. Yesterday the sequel to one of my all time favorite games came out. Mass Effect 2, if you have not heard of it shame on you :/. The first Mass Effect gained a ton of attention from main stream media sources. No not because of its eye-popping graphics or its unique blend of first person shooter elements with role-playing elements. Not for its incredible game play, but for a scene in the game that depicted virtual sex. Ohhhh nooo, I know what your thinking “not sex, no one does that”. Rigggghhht. It was the equivalent of  a sex scene in a pg-13 movie and  the game was rated M. You can judge for yourself by checking out the clip on YouTube.

With all the talk about ERSB ratings (check last weeks post), should sex be included in video games? Video games are the interactive movies that can span 20 hours and up. My view on sex in games is the same as my view on sex in movies. If it fits the overall theme and experience of the game then I think it should be allowed. The games are rated for a reason. Each rating carries content that is appropriate for that rating. As long as it doesn’t get out of hand I think adult themes can add to the overall experience of a game the way it does movies. What do you think?


It’s all good yall Tiger Woods yall!!!

Yet again another celebrity/athlete has shown us why we shouldn’t look up to them as role models. By now everyone has already heard about the escapades of Tiger Woods so I pose this question to you. Does anyone buy celebrity/athlete endorsed products simply because of the athlete? I personally could care less about a celebrity endorsement.  I know what your thinking right now, “isn’t this a gaming website?” Yes, yes it is. I was getting to that, hold your horses people. With all the endorsements that Tiger Woods has lost there is still a few that still have stuck around. EA has released a statement that basically says we chose Tiger Woods for his golfing ability and not his personal life. Meaning even though his life is a circus right now, he is still the best golfer in the world. I play Tiger Woods golf because its a great game not because of Tiger Woods. 2 things I wonder and maybe you can help. 1 will some people not buy the game simply because it has Tiger Woods attached to it? 2 would the game be as popular if it was just EA Golf 2010 and Tiger Woods was just one of many golfers? That is just food for thought people, eat up.

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