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capcom owes me a new controller!

Not my controller just an image I found online

Ever been playing a game and get a bit frustrated? Has that frustration ever made you throw your controller? Well that what happened to me today. What would make a grown man throw a controller you ask? Super Street Fighter 4. There are time when you get so into a game when the controller doesn’t do what you want it to do you get a little pissed. I have seen times online where I know people have thrown their controllers. One time I was watching a friend play the aforementioned game online. The person her was against was playing with Akuma. My friend picked Zangief. His opponent was probably thinking he had an easy win. Last round of the game tied up. Here comes Akuma with a death strike. He glided across the board for what seemed like a sure victory. Continue reading ‘capcom owes me a new controller!’

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