movie games that wouldnt suck!!!

For the most part I think we as gamers can agree that movie games suck. The some is usually true in reverse too. Generally movies made  from games suck too. To me a good game is like a long movie that you can interact with. Some of my favorite games that support this idea is Mass Effect, Metal Gear, and Uncharted. Games like those make you feel like you are a part of the experience while at the same time watching a 20 to 40 and up hour movie. It would seem like games and movies would be the perfect marriage, but that isn’t always the case. So I decided to come up with a list of games and movies that would be wonderful together. Continue reading ‘movie games that wouldnt suck!!!’


XBOX 360 under seige!!!

This morning at approximately 8 am I  woke up to the sound of my alarm. Everything seemed fine and it was looking like a normal Monday morning . Still waking up I make my way to the hallway adjacent to my den where my television and gaming devices are setup. This is where things get a little interesting I look down to find my XBOX faceplate on the ground, in the hallway approximately 10 feet away from where it should be and about 5 feet further down.  Continue reading ‘XBOX 360 under seige!!!’


capcom owes me a new controller!

Not my controller just an image I found online

Ever been playing a game and get a bit frustrated? Has that frustration ever made you throw your controller? Well that what happened to me today. What would make a grown man throw a controller you ask? Super Street Fighter 4. There are time when you get so into a game when the controller doesn’t do what you want it to do you get a little pissed. I have seen times online where I know people have thrown their controllers. One time I was watching a friend play the aforementioned game online. The person her was against was playing with Akuma. My friend picked Zangief. His opponent was probably thinking he had an easy win. Last round of the game tied up. Here comes Akuma with a death strike. He glided across the board for what seemed like a sure victory. Continue reading ‘capcom owes me a new controller!’


How the 360 got its swag back!

XBOX 360 has come back in a big way, at least in America. Sales are up again and I have a couple of theories on why. The 360 is made by an American company, and although the XBOX is not actually made it here it is still an American company. I guess America makes cars too and that doesn’t stop people from buying foreign cars so maybe that isn’t the best theory, but don’t worry I have a couple more. Continue reading ‘How the 360 got its swag back!’


How XBOX 360 helped blu-ray win!

So we all know the XBOX 360 was the first next gen console out. It also happened to come out during a hi def disc battle. Microsoft’s stand was we are making a game console, and that is our main focus.  That being said, the disc war was in full effect. Blu-Ray supported by Sony and HD-DVD supported by some other people. Who? I don’t know because they lost. Anyway Microsoft obviously wasn’t going to back its main rivals technology so in a effort to show support for HD-DVD it released a add on HD-DVD drive. They wanted to make their console as affordable as possible. Their reasoning was sound but saving in the past will cost them in the future. Continue reading ‘How XBOX 360 helped blu-ray win!’


New XBOX controller YAY!!!!

First of all I would like to say I’m Bizakkkk!!!!! Well at least thats the plan anyway. Back to share my video game perspective with the world. Maybe not the world but anyone who happens to stumble upon my humble wordpress blog. If you like this article please check out the rest and stay tuned for some new stuff too!

Okay, now that thats out the way Lets get on to the topic at hand. Microsoft has recently announced a  new XBOX controller. This is very good news. Not that the regular one isn’t good because I still feel how I did about it when I said that it was the best game console controller I have ever used. The one thing that has kept the 360’s controller from reaching perfection is its D-Pad.

Continue reading ‘New XBOX controller YAY!!!!’


Mass Effect 2

It has been a while folks, I have been bitten by the Mass Effect 2 bug. Once I started playing it consumed all of my free time, but I am back. Being a fan of the first one, I had been anticipating the coming of Mass Effect 2 for a while. The game is a pure time eater. If you haven’t checked this game out yet you have to get it, especially if your a fan of the first one. Everything is better this time around, and all the decisions you made carry over to this one. It is great playing a game that you can tell the developers poured their hearts into. Way better than some of those half ass attempts at games we have been seeing. Some copies of the game include a card that get you free DLC. How can you not love that? After playing through ME2 and am eager to play through it again using a different class and really ready for part 3. I am so thankful that EA didn’t screw this one up. I am keeping my fingers crossed for part 3.

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